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Every individual comes to Burkhart Chiropractic with a unique situation. Our doctors will always begin with a conversation to better understand the facets of your health condition. Questions will be related to how your condition started, what makes your symptoms better or worse, the severity of your symptoms, how long you have had them and other related aspects of your complaints. From the “story” of your complaint, the doctor will gain important insights and determine whether or not you are a candidate for care at our office.

Physical Examination

Following your consultation, your doctor will perform a physical examination. Various physical tests are performed to better isolate the complaint(s) and provide insight into the causes of discomfort or ailment. This may or may not lead to additional services, such as X-ray, blood work, or other diagnostic testing. After ruling out conditions that would require an immediate medical referral or prevent chiropractic treatment, options for care will be discussed in a report of findings.

Digital X-rays

Burkhart Chiropractic is proud to use a computerized, digital X-ray system. Our equipment produces high quality images at less than half the radiation exposure of a conventional film X-ray system. Our digital system also eliminates the need for radiographic film, lead-lined film containers, and chemicals used to develop the film.

Report of Findings

This is the final summary of the doctor’s assessment and findings, diagnostic results, and treatment options. Your doctor will outline his recommendations for care, including duration and number of visits, beneficial ancillary or adjunctive therapies, and financial responsibility. Long term results or prognosis, home care recommendations, and/or additional referrals may be discussed as well. This is your time to ask questions and learn more about the chiropractic approach to health. Some are overly apprehensive about their condition, while others are content to be a passive observer. Both of these views prevent individuals from taking the best away from their first visit, learning how the structure of the spine affects your health and wellness.

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