Dr. Richard Omel

Dr. Richard Omel has been in practice since 1984.  After concluding his chiropractic training in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Omel resided in Canada for approximately 20 years before returning to his native state of Michigan in 2002.  Over his years in practice he has focused on helping those who reach out to him to improve their overall health and well-being. He takes pride in sharing his practical knowledge of the human body and appropriate clinical skills in an effort to guide people through the various phases of their healing and restorative process. 

Dr. Omel draws from a wide range of chiropractic manual therapies and body-movement awareness protocols; and couples them with advanced therapies such as acoustic compression therapy, laser, and non-surgical spinal decompression, resulting in a positive patient experience. He believes a successful treatment outcome is shared between the care directive proposed by the doctor and the accountability of the patient to follow these directives. 

The ultimate goal is to help people restore and learn how to sustain a relatively higher level of health, well-being, and performance throughout their lives.


1975-1978: Michigan State University.  East Lansing MI.

1980: New York University.  New York, N.Y.

1984: Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, ON. CANADA.

Licensure: State of Michigan


1986: Certified Instructor of the Mitzvah Technique (postural-movement re-education)

1992: Craniosacral Therapy I

1993: Craniosacral Therapy II

1994: Craniosacral Therapy SER I

1995: Craniosacral Therapy SER II

1996: Positional Release Therapy

1998: Rehabilitation of dysfunctional and painful musculoskeletal conditions in the Golfer

2006: Injury Prevention Consultant for Back Safe from Future Industrial Technologies

2014: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

2016: Trained in Applied Movement Neurology I.

2017: Trained in Applied Movement Neurology II.